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Welcome to the New Ryan Family Medicine Website!

15 February

Welcome to the launch of the new Ryan Family Medicine website!

We’re in our fourth year, and needed a new look and more functionality to reflect some of the ways in which the practice has changed, and to serve some of the new directions in which we’re headed.

In the coming months we’ll be adding to the lifestyle medicine programs, offering a wider range of supplements, more options for acupuncture services, and regular classes and workshops on a variety of medical and lifestyle medicine topics (emphasizing nutrition, exercise and stress reduction). Lifestyle medicine services will be available to both existing patients and non-patients.

Primary care patients can take advantage of the lifestyle medicine offerings on the website. The bulk of primary care communication and services will continue to take place via the patient portal (UPDOX) which is easily accessible from the website by clicking Patient Portal in the upper right of every page.

I plan to blog regularly – and succinctly – and you can follow me on twitter (@drjeffryan) for regular updates as well. I’ll keep you informed of goings-on in the practice, and in the world of medicine.

Finally, the website also has a regularly updated Links and Resources section where we plan to list community resources for both primary care patients and lifestyle medicine participants.

Take care!
Dr. Ryan