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SupplementsAs a service to you, we make nutritional supplements available from our partners online, and in our office. We purchase these products only from manufacturers who have gained our confidence through considerable research and experience. We determine quality by considering: (1) the quality of science behind the product; (2) the quality of the ingredients themselves; (3) the quality of the manufacturing process; and (4) the synergism among product components. The brands of supplements that we carry are those that meet our high standards and tend to produce predictable results.

While these supplements may be more expensive to you than those found on the shelves of pharmacies or health food stores, the value must also include assurance of their purity, quality, bioavailability, and effectiveness. The chief reason we make these products available is to ensure quality. You are not guaranteed the same level of quality when you purchase your supplements from the general marketplace. We are not suggesting that such products have no value; however, given the lack of stringent testing requirements for dietary supplements, product quality varies widely.

Remember, however, that you are never under any obligation to purchase nutritional supplements from our office. We may mention supplements and brands, but the decision to take a supplement, which brand, and from what source, is ultimately up to you.

Discuss supplements when you visit us, or use the links below to make your purchase online. You will need to create an account the first time you visit either of our online partners.

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Classes, speakers, and workshops are offered periodically on lifestyle topics (nutrition, mind-body medicine, fitness and exercise). Past topics have included:

  • FirstLine Therapy Metabolic Syndrome – 12 Session Program – Signficantly change your health (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, body weight and fat) without medication.
  • Mindfulness Practice – RFM staff or guest will provide a brief introduction to mindfulness practice, followed by meditation practice.

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